Change the world

My husband’s sister shared this beautiful quote with us in a family group text that we have. It’s message so powerful and the essence of what my husband so fervently believes. What I believe too.

Sometimes when I am able to find a quiet moment to take pause, I close my eyes and in my mind I suddenly feel myself pulled back and stepping outside the space that is our world. I see myself as a small speck outside this huge circle and for a second as the world has paused I take a look around at the stillness. Then suddenly all the moving parts continue to go on their way and I am left standing there, observing.

The beauty of that single moment is that at first it feels dark and almost melancholy as I stand there alone. Then this powerful feeling overcomes me and everything feels bright and clear. I realize the greatness of God in all that he created within us to not only make us good, but to spread that goodness outwards towards others. I think about how significant each one of us truly is.

You are not just merely a small speck going by unnoticed. You are one of so many necessary moving parts. That greater chance for the world starts within each of us. Truly, each action and decision we take doesn’t just stop with us. It has a direct affect on our family or whomever you surround yourself with. And then, like the quote says, imagine the significance of that. Through the change within yourself follows the influence on your children, family, friends etc and they in turn go out and spread that goodness.

I wish desperately to carry these words with me and remember how very significant my example is, that the change begins with me. With you. With all of us.


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