Slow down, enjoy life

I had the most delightful morning today.

Last night when we got back from having dinner at a neighbor’s house, I checked my phone and had a message from a new friend. She’s the mom of one of the girl’s in my daughter’s first grade class and we work together as room mom for the teacher.

So she had sent me a text asking if by any chance I had some free time tomorrow morning for a coffee break after drop off. Normally I think twice, like what does tomorrow look like etc., but this time I replied back ‘yes absolutely!’

We decided to meet at a nearby coffee/pastry place that’s literally down the street from the girls school. I pass by it whenever I’m in that shopping center but never thought to go inside and try it out. As I browsed at their menu I decided to order myself a tea because I’m really trying not to do coffee anymore. Not that I drink a lot of it, but I realized all I really needed in the mornings was something warm to sip on while I start the day at work, and while the coffee sometimes felt soothing, hours later I would feel all jittery and a little anxious. So now I make myself a warm tea instead. There was so many yummy looking pastries on display but I opted for a plain croissant instead to go with my tea.

And then we just sat and chatted for a little over an hour and it was the most refreshing and relaxing time. I kept thinking how thankful I was that she sent me that message and that I had said yes. And it got me thinking about a comment she said about how she is really trying to be intentional about slowing down this year, to take time for these kinds of moments. Which is something that has always been on my own mind to do.

Often times my calendar gets so full between all the activities for the girls that I forget to do small things like this for myself. To cultivate friendships and just take time to slow down. To enjoy life. In the same way that it’s essential for my well being and state of mind to get a workout in, I feel like these little moments are treasures that should also be enjoyed, whether alone or in good company.

As we said goodbye and I drove off to work I thought of how much I would enjoy doing this again. I thought of this other friend of mine that I care about dearly and haven’t been able to find the time that works out for us to get together and just enjoy her company. And I wondered if she might be available some morning too, for a quick coffee or tea break. I’m making a mental note to contact her later.

I love to cultivate friendships/relationships, new and old, and my husband said it so well…when we do things like go over for dinner at a neighbors home or have someone over for dinner, that time we spend together bonding is such wonderful food for our soul. It fuels us. Especially when the family has kids too because while the children play we can hang out and talk.

And then I thought of something else. I would love to give myself a little room for myself for 30-45 minutes, to just enjoy some alone time and sip on some tea, enjoy a croissant and read a book before heading into work and starting the day. How wonderful does that sound? Because it’s equally important to have alone to refuel and connect with ourselves before the fullness of the day takes over.

I might just start to do that. Find a day during the week and after dropping off the girls, grab my book and give myself some one on one time. I think it’ll help me be a better wife, mother, friend…human being.

Do you make time for yourself like that and have some weekly thing you do that refuels you?



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