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We either have a good morning or we get to school on time.

Okay, so let’s be honest here. Even before kids I was always a bit of chaos getting ready in the morning. I would take my time, dilly dally here and there, find myself rushing, but I’d get myself out the door and to work on time. Then I grew up, found a wonderful man, and got married.

having kids

And these two beautiful girls of ours grew and grew and finally were of age to go to school. And just like that, my chaos of one (me) became three.

Because no matter how prepared I think I am every morning, how much I plan the night before so that I am not leaving things for chance the next morning, that this time, yes, this morning I hands down have a leg up and all will be peaceful and smooth sailing…something happens. Without fail. And I realize, this right here, so much:

good morning

And of course my end goal is always, school on time.

Monday, Wednesday, and Friday are in essence a tiny bit “easier” (and I’m using this word very, very loosely here) because I don’t have to worry about brushing Elysse’s hair or changing her into clothes since I’m dropping her off at my mom’s house after leaving Celeste (our 7 year old) at school. But then there’s Tuesdays and Thursdays when Elysse has school and well I do like her to look presentable.

Add to the mix that I typically like to get a workout in before getting myself ready for work, but it was raining again today, so  I nixed the workout because I wanted to make sure I was fully dressed and ready to go before waking the girls up. I was covering all my bases. I was determined today would be different from other days.

And things were looking good this morning, I had myself ready before 7am, I had all lunch snacks and items prepared in the fridge; they just needed to be placed in the girls lunch bags. At 7 on the dot I went in to wake them up and then headed to the kitchen. As I was prepping their breakfast I smiled when I heard Celeste walking towards the restroom. Yes! This is good, this is very good I thought to myself. I didn’t have to walk in there 3 more times to get them to finally wake up. Elysse was still resting but I would go over in a minute.

That’s when Celeste interrupted my daydreaming with “Mommy, my pants are wet.”

Screeching halt in my head!

Me: (as I’m walking to the bathroom) Your pants are wet? Where, let me see.

As she’s sitting on the toilet and I’m inspecting the pants I see they are wet where her lower back would be but not in the private area. What the…?

Me: Celeste, did you pee?

Celeste: What? No. The pee doesn’t come out of my back. (hahaha, true. Very observant sweet child of mine).

Me: (Pause. Looking at the pants. Then eyes wide open) Oh no, Elysse had an accident.

You see, although the girls each have their own twin bed, they still love to sleep together. So I go over to Elysse and try to disentangle her from all the covers and sure enough, she’s soaked from mid back to legs.


I so do not have a leg up this morning.

Then this ensued: trying to peel her wet clothes off, rush to the washer to throw everything in there, then Elysse had to pee again, so get her to the toilet. And for a split second I thought, can I just wipe her with a wipey and call it a day? Yeah, no. I don’t want her going to school smelling like pee. So I tied up her hair in a high bun and turned on the shower and got her all soaped up and rinsed off. All the time praying I wouldn’t get soaked in the process since I was already dressed for work. By now it was 7:25am and we had 20 minutes before we needed to be in the car and out the door. Mind you breakfast had been stalled. snacks and food were still in the fridge and not in the lunch bags, and Elysse needed to be fully dried, changed, hair brushed, and both girls needed to eat.

Yeah. All that.

Somehow with the grace of God and me not losing my shit marbles, we made it out the door at 7:48am.

Next to brave the pouring rain and get the girls to class on time. Check!


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