Seeing through the the lens of goodness and love


I love this quote and yes, I also love this show too. It evokes all the feels.

Pretty much every morning I like to look up quotes that go with what I need that day, and today my keyword was strength. I think for the most part I’m a pretty positive person. I like to see the goodness in people or situations and not focus on that person’s (or my) bad moment as definitive and unchanging; to remember that feelings and situations are impermanent. That we travel in seasons, and sometimes we are on a good wave and other times it’s a rough patch.

Every now and then though there are moments that I do feel a bit deflated. When all the little things sort of bundle up into one huge ball of heaviness and I can feel the change like a load on my body, the non stop swirling in my mind of all these thoughts that do nothing but hurl me deeper into that deflated state.

I spent most of last night like that, feeling the heaviness, and despite waking up with it, I pushed it aside and gave the girls and myself a decent morning getting ready for school.

And then I made it to work, and that’s when I typed the word strength. I came across a lot of very good quotes and then I saw the one about lemonade.

It’s a beautiful thing how your state of mind can change and you can feel that transformation when you feed it good things. When you negate the negative to let the light in.

As soon as I read the quote I smiled. And then my thoughts turned to what this means to me and how can I do this, how do I make something resembling lemonade out of a sour lemon, a sour moment. And my thoughts turned to God; and I remembered Philippians “I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.” And for me that is what often helps me see a difficult moment as something that can be turned around, that the moment doesn’t need to be permanent if I choose to see it through the goodness and love of God’s eyes. My own kind eyes. Because I know that goodness too.

I can make a situation worse sometimes by relying on my own faulty self, or I can step back and just whisper to God, to help me keep my mouth shut if it’s only going to cause further conflict. And trust me, sometimes I listen and sometimes I don’t. The more I practice it though, the more I am able to take a step back and let God in, and realize my two cents don’t need to be heard every moment, especially if it’s only going to keep the lemon sour.

So, I choose to go in strength and think of the good overall. And that’s when I see how bountiful my blessings are and I’m thankful.

wayne dyer


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