“You Say”

Find a quiet moment where you can press play and listen to this song.

I happened to turn on the radio (which was set to to 95.9; Christian music) on my way to pick up Celeste from school this afternoon and this song came on. At first what caught me was how the singer’s voice reminded me of Adele. I glanced at the setting on the radio though and saw it was 95.9 and thought, no I don’t think it’s her. I caught some of the words but by then I was entering the parking lot at school but I really wanted to know the name of the song and singer so I asked Siri and thank goodness she said “You Say” by Lauren Daigle. I quickly looked it up, confirmed it was the same song, and saved it to my playlist.

Once I had grabbed Celeste and was back in the car I played the song and as I drove home and listened, tears began to form in my eyes. Every single word she sang spoke to me. Celeste said she loved the piano in the background. And as I continued to listen, the words began to connect to significant moments in my life as they passed like a quick movie reel through my mind.

And I thought to myself, every woman, man, young girl, young boy should hear this. Should know that they are loved. That they are not alone.

I have had moments like these, where my mind was full of so much doubt and I prayed, well more like begged, God to help me. Where I questioned how x situation I was experiencing could be acceptable when it felt so painful and like I was insignificant.

Moments where I questioned how I could be loved, worthy, or enough if I felt so empty and lonely and small.

And every single time this happened, the instant I prayed and allowed God in, he led me out of that darkness. Out of that doubt. He reminded me what was deep inside of me. He lifted me up in a powerful way that reminded me I am made in his image. Everything and all I need I can find when I see it through his eyes. Through his pure love for me. That I am not alone in the fight, because my creator has my back. He is there always, holding me. And every difficult moment I have faced and surpassed was because of Him. Because of the strength He reminded me I have. Nothing else in life that I have leaned towards has ever helped me feel this strong and confident. And that’s why I know it is Him that gives me strength and helps me believe.

You have that too. Whatever struggle you are fighting, please believe. Believe you are loved. Believe you are enough.

Because you are.


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