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A Halloween night to remember

Today was tons of fun. Elysse dressed up as Owlette from the kids cartoon PJ Masks and Celeste decided to be a Unicorn. We ended up meeting up with two sweet moms from dance, they each have a daughter. Since my parents are in Mexico and my husband was at work today, which means no help walking that bulldog of ours, we tried our best to be on time but inevitably ran a little bit late when it took longer than expected to walk Biggie.

The girls were super excited once we finally finished grabbing a bite to eat and got all set to go trick or treating.

About 3-4 blocks into walking and collecting more treats than we needed, Elysse suddenly decided yes she needed to go potty. So I told my friends to go on ahead and we would catch up.

Elysse and I started to speed walk our way back to the friends house we had met up at and about half way there she tells me she really needs to go so I’m like, okay can you hold it or want to just go behind a bush? She replies no, she can hold it. In hindsight, I probably should not have listened to my 3 year old, but well you know how it is. What fun would that be? So we started to jog there. We finally make it to the house, run into the bathroom and as I’m trying to peel off the Owlette suit, I think to myself oh damn it one piece jump suits are the worst costumes!!! And as I lifted her to sit on the toilet she let it all out and it ended up all over my leg. Hahahahaha! As so not cool as that was, I was thankful it ended up on my leg and not on these peoples bathroom rug. That’s a win any day.

Well needless to say after that all I wanted was to get home and change. I had some shorts in the car for Elysse and called my friend to see where they were at so I could pick up Celeste. But she wanted to keep trick or treating so I accepted my friend’s offer to drop her off at home.

Poor Elysse it was a total accident because seriously I should’ve just had her do her thing behind a bush or something. We had a wonderful night though and it got me thinking. Some days I get thrown a lot of unexpected twists and I may gripe here and there about the woes of parenting. But truth be told I wouldn’t change any of it. I’ll take the hot mess moments that sometimes make me think “you’ve got to be kidding me!!!” because if it wasn’t for these two beautiful girls I wouldn’t have, for example, this:

While I was prepping their lunch and waiting for Celeste to get dropped off, Elysse entertained herself by doing this. So when I finally made it to bed tonight and I opened my bedroom door I instantly smiled. Because of this. These and so many other small gestures that mean so much are why I would take those difficult and unexpected moments over and over again.

And I look around our bedroom and I see traces of them everywhere. Some that we have placed intentionally such as picture frames. Others though are those things they’ve left behind, reminders of them. They fill our home the way they fill our heart.


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