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Calm and Chaos

One thing I’ve learned since becoming a mom is that every day is full of calm and chaotic moments. It’s not ever just one or the other, but a mixture of both.

I don’t know that I ever took time to make this observation prior to having children. Probably because my life is no longer about what’s happening just to me, but also what’s happening to my girls and how each is responding to it at any given moment. Not only is each moment affected by how you as the adult are feeling (tired, sick, sad, etc), now there’s two other perspectives and emotions to take in as well.

I try to be filled with gratitude, but I’m not going to lie either. There are moments all I want is 30 min of peace and quiet without a little person (or two) having an outburst while I think to myself “for the love of God!”

And those are the moments when I suddenly get a loud whisper from God that makes me pause and step back and just stare in wonder at the blessings in our life. Because no matter how hard a situation or season feels, there is always something to be thankful for or appreciate. Especially when you realize that many out there are struggling more than you.


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