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The joys of school

Do you remember those days in school or college when the professor would tell you that her/his tests are multiple choice and essay questions and nearly all the students would breathe a sigh of relief (and nearly cheer) at the words “multiple choice”? Well, I was not (am not) one of them. If there is one thing I have learned throughout my college experience is that I do not like multiple choice tests. Yep I am the one that inwardly groans at that announcement. I will choose an essay any day over having to sit there with a scantron and countless a, b, c, d, or all of the above choices. It must be the writer in me.

So I have some pretty awesome news. We got our first test back from my class on The Family and I rocked the written part. I am that nerdy girl that gets so happy to see short answer questions and long essays. Seriously love it. And since I usually shy away from announcing how well I did I thought oh the heck with it why not today?! I am proud of myself for what I’ve accomplished and that I have been persistent in my pursuit to get my degree and sometimes I think it’s quite alright to let myself relish in that glory.

When I got my test back there was a post it from my professor asking if it would be alright if she used my long essay response as a model to post on beachboard (our student/professor online communication board) for other students to see. Yep, you got it, I had a huge smile on my face and it felt so good to read that because, for one, I never imagined that would happen and second because one of the biggest confidence boosters for me is when someone compliments something I wrote because for me writing, any expression of writing, is something so incredibly personal to me.

Whenever these small and oh so significant moments happen for me in school I just feel so fulfilled in another sense that is all mine. This aspect of my life is something that I couldn’t be doing without God’s guidance, the support of my husband and mom, as well as so many other special people in my life that have encouraged me not to give up. And the personal effort that I have put into it in giving it the best that I can is all on me and something that I am so immensely proud of. This is my last semester and I still haven’t quite grasped my thoughts around that but one thing I have is how important and significant each step along the way has been.


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