Mission Almost Impossible: The Saline Nose Dropper

Last night I learned that  9 month old babies (namely ours) do not like to have foreign objects inserted into their nose, especially if said object is also squirting some kind of liquid inside. I’m sure this will one day change though when she realizes that by poking her little finger into said nose she’ll be able to produce a sticky gooey thing out of there, but let’s not get ahead of ourselves.

Had anyone been peeping in through our window last night they would have seen my daughter wiggling around like a worm on the bed as I (gently) tried to get her to stay still so I could put a few drops of saline nose drops into her very congested nose. How in the world I even got some drops in there is still a mystery to me because I felt like most of the product ended up all over her face and cheeks. First time (paranoid) mom that I am, I was worried I’d get it into her eye and was already picturing us at the emergency room trying to wash out her contaminated eye. Serious, the thoughts that ran through my mind at that moment were ridiculous. Our neighbors must have thought I was strangling our little girl with all the noise coming from our house. I also realized I probably should have chosen a better time to do this, since it was right before bedtime and all she wanted to do was eat and sleep. I did however have the common sense to do the drops before she ate, I figured that after all the chaos of getting the drops into her nose, getting fed and relaxing afterward would be kind of a welcome reward for her, which thankfully it was.

Well, all the fuss turned out to be a blessing because she slept much better than the previous night when her nose had been so congested and she kept tossing and turning in her crib. This morning she woke up a bit fussy and congested so I decided it was time for our wrestling match again. Ah but this time I had thought out my plan (after of course realizing she was onto me and wanted that dropper nowhere near her face) so I laid her perpendicular to the end of the bed with the top of her head facing my chest and I kneeled down behind her and gave her a little box to play with while I quickly took out my nose dropper and managed to (nearly flawlessly) get a few drops into each little nostril. By the time she figured out what was happening and wriggled herself free, my mission was complete.

Sheesh, who needs a workout after the tears and sweat from that experience?!


3 thoughts on “Mission Almost Impossible: The Saline Nose Dropper

  1. Glad it ultimately worked out.
    I know what you mean about wondering what the neighbors must be thinking. My boys are older but can scream so loud that you would think I am beating them.


    1. Thanks so much for your comment and stopping by! I’m usually much better at responding a bit sooner. Sometimes I have to remind myself not to worry too much about what the neighbors may think. Its not easy though.


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