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Does Walking A Bulldog Count?

Alright, it’s the end of week one of my project: getting my sexy back, basically getting into a workout routine and watching what I eat…

This week was a flop, not a total flop, just a bit of a flop. One great thing about my results for this week is I was forced to re-evaluate my commitment to this project. I wasn’t able to meet my goal of getting to a class (gym/yoga/or other) this past week, but I did manage to get in some good walking time.

Yesterday I even decided to forego taking the quick and easy option of driving my booty to my local threading place to get my eyebrows done and instead, I put on my workout clothes/tennis shoes, strapped baby Celeste to the stroller, and took the long way to the threading shop. Granted this resulted in Celeste crying midway through my grooming session and having to take her out of the stroller and sitting her on my tummy while the estetician finished up. The experience was well worth it for us though, and at the end of the outing I was really proud of myself for having walked there instead of driving.

Another thing I made sure to do was get in little exercises here and there while waiting on things around the house. For example, oh Celeste’s milk is warming up, how about doing squats while that’s getting done? Sure! I got that fabulous idea of incorporating workout time throughout my day from Ness at It definitely makes it a whole lot easier to break it down that way in intervals.

The good news, and what I hope will allow for me to get into a workout mode more often is that my pedetrician said I could now feed Celeste every 4 hours so she ends up getting 4 breastfeedings only throughout the day along with her solids, which gives me more wiggle room to plan some exercise time.

And my other form of exercise has been walking our olde english bulldog, Biggie, which I think should absolutely count because 1) our dog is not your average bulldog that can only walk for 15 minutes (contrary to the message the picture is giving). Sometimes I think if we let Biggie, he could walk for hours, but his cut off time is usually 1hr 15 minutes. 2) Sometimes he can build up a nice rhythm and I can actually feel myself breaking a sweat. 3) Not only does walking Biggie get me a chance to get moving, but being outside is definitely chicken soup for the soul.

Although this week will be busier because I start school at University, I’m keeping a positive and flexible outlook on the week ahead. My biggest problem is going to be watching what I eat, especially when it comes to the sweet stuff…I just can’t seem to keep my mouth shut. It may even come down to needing to jot down every last piece of food that I put in my mouth so I can figure out how to balance out the good from the not so good.

Okay, that’s it for now, I need to go to bed because I’m starting to doze off as I type some of this stuff and I’m beginning to type a bunch of mumbo jumbo (thank goodness for backspace).



One thought on “Does Walking A Bulldog Count?

  1. I decided to keep track of what I eat starting a couple of weeks ago and it is amazing how many calories some things have! I use a website called and you can also track your exercises as well. There’s an app for it as well so you can just log onto from your phone. Check it out one of these days 🙂


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