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I want my sexy back too!

A few days ago I read the post Operation banging body, day effing 1 written by Ness at One Thousand Single Days, which you can find at this link

Since then I’ve kept thinking about Ness’s words and the challenge she’s made to herself, so much so that I went back and re-read her post, because I keep thinking, you know what, I want to have a banging body too. I’m 37 years old, fast approaching 40, and our baby girl is now 9 months old, and in all honesty while I’m extremely thankful to God that I’ve lost most of my baby weight, there is that leftover weight in my hips and thighs that I’d like to firm up and get rid of.

When I first found out I was pregnant I weighed 127 pounds and the last time I weighed myself at the doctor’s (post baby) I was at 140 lbs. I just weighed myself on our rinky dinky scale and it looks like I’m somewhere around 138 lbs. I swear that at least 5 of those lbs must be sitting on my DD boobs. And to think I use to think my happy C cup from back in the day was big. Ha!

Well, It’s no mystery that I hate to work out, it’s never been something that I willing would say “oh yes, let’s work out today!” and now that I’ve got a baby add to that fact that it’s tougher to find the time now and when I do find it, I can always come up with a million things I’d rather do…read, blog, relax, clean around the house, take a shower because I’ve been sweating all day, and the list goes on and on. But then at the end of the day as I’m getting in bed I have that guilty feeling of not having done any kind of exercise.

Well, like Ness said in her own post, I don’t care how self centered this sounds, but I want to look and feel better, and I need to stop with the excuses and get my ass in gear. If I have the time to write then I need to find the time to exercise and I need to be more conscious of what I’m stuffing in my mouth. That means limiting my fast food intake (this I can do) and putting a curve on my raging sweet tooth (boohoo).

My first challenge is going to be committing to exercising 3 times a week, minimum. Whether it’s going for a power walk or taking a yoga class or hitting the gym, I’m going to commit to making that a priority for myself, finding and making the time to exercise. I’ll check back in every Sunday and give an update on how my weekly exercising/eating went and how I’m feeling about the whole experience. I know I can do this, but I’ve just let laziness/tiredness (is this a word?) get in the way. It’s just a matter of getting back into the rhythm, because I know that once I do, exercising becomes something that my body actually desires.

Well, here’s to giving it my best shot!


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4 thoughts on “I want my sexy back too!

  1. good luck! i think wanting a banging body is great! i am always suspicious about the honesty level of people who say they dont care how they look… we should care… shouldnt we?


    1. Thank you for the good wishes! I agree with you, when people say they don’t care I can’t help but raise an eyebrow. We all should! Thanks for leaving a comment 🙂


  2. Good for you. I just turned 37 myself, and decided I’m tired of being fat. I still have the baby weight . . . from my almost 4-year-old son. Um, that’s not cool. So my goal is to lose at least 38 pounds by my 38th birthday. This month, I’m working on tracking my exercise so I have a base line.
    Best of luck to you!


    1. Best of luck to you too! I think it’s a great goal to give yourself. I think it’s healthy to care for our bodies and do things that help us feel good/positive. Thank you for your comment!


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