CSULB - My College Experience

Summer Knowledge

After finally finishing my first semester this past Spring at CSULB I was more than ready to take time off and not think about school again until next year. This time it felt a little bit tougher for me because I was going through my first trimester during the toughest part of the semester and a part of me was worried I’d start to spiral down a bit and lose the momentum and good grades I had accumulated by midterms. Thank goodness though that things turned out well and I finished my semester with flying colors!

I felt super proud of myself and started to think, okay, I deserve a break. I’m pregnant and I’ve been going to school since Kinder and what better time than now, right? Not quite. There was a part of me that felt a little nostalgic to not be going back to school in the Fall because my due date is early November and so I requested an Educational Leave. That still left the possibility of Summer school open though. But like I said, after Spring semester ended I also had a feeling of relief, and yet I felt uncertain. Usually when I need to make a big decision I like to talk to different people about it and get different input, so I talked to my husband, family, and close friends. In the end I decided to sign up for a summer class and honestly, I am so happy that I did!

I’ll be taking a Child Abuse & Prevention class beginning July 11 – August 18th and just got my textbook in the mail, along with that old feeling of happiness that comes from knowing I’ll be in a classroom again, gaining some summer knowledge.


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