Our Pregnancy

Hello Energy!

Oh I am loving my second trimester. I was thinking back today to how I felt the last two months of my first trimester, where all I wanted to do was sleep and find a way to make the nausea go away. Back then it seemed hard to believe when people would tell me to just wait and see, after 12 weeks I would suddenly start to feel myself getting more energy. It was no lie.

I do feel like my old self in a sense, like I actually have energy to do things and not just daydream about how fast I can make it to the couch. And the changes in by body, wow! My belly is getting bigger. Just a couple of days ago I realized I had entered a new dimension of growth and it’s funny to see my belly at the end of the night when I feel like it’s at its roundest. Today while at work my cousin measured my belly and sure enough it’s 20″ since I’m at 20 weeks. Then she showed me what 40″ would look like and I gasped. I can’t even imagine my belly getting that big, haha!

And I haven’t even written about the movement, I am feeling our baby girl more and more. At first they were very light flutter sensations. The first time I felt her move and told my friends they laughed because I described it like the feeling of the gentle feet of a little mouse rushing across from one side to the other. Leave it to me to reference that instead of saying it felt like butterflies. Now I have been feeling more of like a sudden push or like bubble bursting, it’s amazing! Sometimes in the mornings when I wake up and say good morning to her she’ll do one of those quick pushes and every single time I giggle. It’s the most awesome and weird sensation in the world. The coolest thing though was this past weekend, June 25th, when my husband also got to feel that light push for the first time…I don’t think I can even describe the happiness I felt with mere words.

So back to the energy. I love when I get to enjoy long walks in the morning with Biggie and I’ve also started to swim. I think I mentioned once in a previous post how much I love to be in the water. When I was a kid I would spend hours in the pool with my brother and we’d invent underwater worlds and I would pretend I was a mermaid. I love everything about the water. How it soothes you and wraps you up in a warm bubble and when I am completely submerged or swimming laps I feel like I’m in a cocoon. That serene and quiet feeling is so wonderful and the sensation of the water is just pure bliss. 

I’m just so thankful that I do have this energy and that I can enjoy different activities. Not every day is the same, so if I’m feeling good I’m definitely enjoying it. I’m so very thankful to God for every one of our blessings. But this is getting me on a different frame of mind, something to talk about another day.


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