Sometimes the prospect of change can be quite scary, other times it fills you with exhilaration of what’s to come, and often it’s probably a mixture of both. But one thing is for certain, things can not always remain as they are. Even if you feel you’re at your happiest and things couldn’t get any better, life is always changing and God’s path for you is forever growing.

I’ll admit that there is a hopeless romantic in me that wishes some things could sometimes stay the same, not the physical things but the intangible things like when you’re feeling happy or fulfilled, however this just isn’t possible. How would we grow and learn and appreciate the happiness in our life if they weren’t sometimes outlined by some difficult or unexpected moment? I remember watching a movie once, the name just doesn’t come to me now, but the guy said something like “you need to taste the bitter to appreciate the sweet”. So true.

Plus I’m not sure life would be as great if there wasn’t change. We can’t always have things go our way and when I think of all the blessings I’m thankful for today I realize they are due in large part to many great big, sometimes unwanted, changes that happened in my life. Not surprising some of those changes were very difficult and yet thanks to those moments in my life I sit here now, appreciating every aspect of my life, even the uncertain or unknown that is yet to come.

While I don’t know what a few months from now will bring much less a year, one thing that feels very strong in my heart is my trust in God. Change is bound to come no matter what we do, and I feel like as long as my trust and faith in God is strong everything will be ok. I deeply believe that as long as we follow the path God has for us He will find a way to provide, it may not always be as easy or as fast as we would like, but He will provide.



2 thoughts on “Change

  1. Your faith will always be a strong influence in your life. Perhaps it makes the difficult times more bearable and the good times more appreciated. I must admit that, in part, I envy you for that as I do not have that pillar to help support me. Hopefully your future will be full of good times and I hope that there are no bumps in that road.


    1. Hi and thank you for your comment. My faith really has helped me incredibly during the last few years. There was a time when I wasn’t this close to God and I felt so disconnected to myself and like things were very difficult to bear and so having gotten close to him again has made a huge difference in the way I see things in my life and around me. I truly hope that you can find your own pillar to help and give you support. Sending you much kindness.


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