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A Day To Celebrate

I get a little choked up as I’m about to write this post because I feel like there aren’t enough words, thoughts, or love to express to God how thankful I am for all our blessings. Today was our 18th week ultrasound check up and my husband and I not only found out we’re having a baby girl, also that she is healthy and beautiful. A baby girl!

I couldn’t believe it when the technician told us that. I really did think she was going to say a boy and honestly I would have been overjoyed with either sex because what I kept praying to God was for our baby to be healthy, and based on all the measurements they took today they said we have a beautiful baby girl. We got some really beautiful pictures and the technician even took and gave us some 3D images which I wasn’t expecting. It’s incredibly awesome to see such an image of our baby! I keep looking at the pictures we brought home and it just seems surreal to me, it’s truly amazing.

We also had a very funny moment while getting checked at the ultrasound. When the Doctor came in he said our last name “Monreal” and got to telling us that it meant “my king” which of course my husband loved hearing and I burst out laughing. Great! Now Biggie and I are not going to hear the end of this little bit of information 😉

So today I am not only celebrating this news about our baby girl but I am also celebrating God, life, love, family, and friendship and all the blessings God has given my husband and I. Not every moment is full of happiness and sometimes there is sorrow or worry intertwined with each event but in the end if we look at the broad picture and take a step back I think we can truly see the goodness in our lives and appreciate what God has given each one of us.



4 thoughts on “A Day To Celebrate

  1. beanie…am i soooo happy for you and gero! i told you…nothing to worry about. can’t wait to see the pics of that little beautiful baby girl! 🙂


  2. I’m just catching up on reading and saw this post. Congratulations! Truly is a blessing. My best wishes to you and your (new) family. 🙂


    1. Thank you so much! So many new and exciting (but also little bit frightening) changes. I’ve been loving so many of your posts too just haven’t had a chance to comment. Keep writing!


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