Our Pregnancy

More Food Please!

I am constantly hungry. Seriously, I will finish a full meal and then 30 minutes later my tummy is growling and I’m thinking what, again?! Yesterday for lunch my husband and I met at Corner Bakery and I had a soup and salad combo and the minute I got back into the office my tummy was growling as if I had been starving myself for hours. Apparently what I ate was not enough for this little baby inside.

According to the information I’ve been getting from babycenter or what to expect, the second trimester is when your appetite begins to hit full force. My husband loves to tease me about this and honestly I love it, it cracks me up. I’ll of course protest and say “but it’s light string cheese” for example. Or (I find this quite hilarious) as my husband lovingly says that everyday I am resembling Biggie more and more…I love to eat, sleep, and relax LOL. Biggie and I are already having belly contests, I think he’s still ahead but that’ll soon change.

For instance on Wednesday we decided to have some Pho for lunch because my husband has been battling a cold/cough the past few days. By the time I was done with my bowl I felt satisfied and happy, money well spent on a yummy lunch. Then we got home and I found myself needing something more. So really, we’re only supposed to gain about 25 – 35 lbs throughout the entire pregnancy? That’ll be interesting to see.

Well the good thing is I’m not running to the nearest McDonald’s, although I must say some fries with barbeque sauce sounds absolutely appetizing, but instead I am trying to keep it as nutritious and healthy as possible. I haven’t had any ice cream binges or crazy cravings, just food in general sounds delicious actually.




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