Adventures of Biggie the bulldog

The Gift of New Friendships & Time Well Spent

Ever since my husband and I rescued Biggie we have met so many nice people and gotten to know so many of our neighbors while out walking our big boy. We often get huge smiles from people when they find out we rescued Biggie but in reality it’s really Biggie who has given us a much greater gift – the gift of new friendships.

Before we had Biggie my husband and I would occasionally walk around the lake and sit down on one of the benches and read out loud to each other from whatever book we were enjoying at the time. When Biggie came around though it provided even more quality time for my husband and I to talk and just enjoy each other’s company, and while many of our walks were filled with funny moments of disciplining Biggie and teaching him what was ok and what wasn’t, the bottom line is those walks with Biggie have multiplied the time my husband and I spend together talking and laughing.  It’s another priceless gift we got from Biggie.

The other really cool thing is all the people we have met on those walks. Just the other day we were walking around the lake and we me this really nice older couple from Spain. We struck up a conversation and the next thing we knew we found out they both enjoyed painting and the following day when we ran into them again they invited us to their house. Unfortunately my husband had to stay outside with Biggie while I got a chance to admire some of their art work. I felt so priviliged to be allowed to see this part of their lives that I would never had known otherwise if we had never smiled and said hello. Before we left they asked us to please stop by some day so my husband could see the paintings and have a cup of coffee. My husband has also had a chance to meet a WWII veteran and not only seen some rare photos but also hear incredible stories. I could go on and on about the interesting people we meet, it really has been a beautiful experience to learn more about our neighbors and it builds such a sense of community.

Since Biggie isn’t like the typical bulldog that can only walk 15-20 minutes we also take him outside our neighborhood and meet many of the other pet owners. The funniest thing is when either of us happens to be on a solo walk with Biggie and someone suddenly says “hi there Biggie!” We have no idea who the person is because my husband met them previously or vice versu, but it’s quite clear Biggie is the celebrity, not us, and we love that.

I love that little mass of love and mishief that is Biggie and I’m so thankful that he came into our lives.


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