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Restless in Santa Ana

This is probably one of the most unrestful nights I’ve had – although I’m sure more will follow that will make this one look pretty darn good in comparison. Today is the start of my 36th week of pregnancy. I went to bed at 10:30pm and then was awakened by discomfort and a full bladder… Continue reading Restless in Santa Ana


Life · Our Pregnancy

I’ve swallowed a wrecking ball

I almost want to kick myself for using that analogy, but taking into consideration the time of day (10:43pm) I think it’s actually quite fitting. I had forgotten how difficult and uncomfortable the tail end of the third trimester can be. All things considered, I think I’m a bit smaller this time around then I… Continue reading I’ve swallowed a wrecking ball

Life · Our Pregnancy

Rainy Days and Round Bellies

It’s been a cloudy, overcast, rainy day in CA and I LOVE it! I know I’ll be moaning about the cold soon enough and missing the warmth of the sun, but in the meantime I’m feeling refreshed and happy with this welcome change in weather. I’m still very much pregnant and going strong with no real consistent… Continue reading Rainy Days and Round Bellies