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Rainy Days and Round Bellies

It’s been a cloudy, overcast, rainy day in CA and I LOVE it! I know I’ll be moaning about the cold soon enough and missing the warmth of the sun, but in the meantime I’m feeling refreshed and happy with this welcome change in weather.

I’m still very much pregnant and going strong with no real consistent indications from our little one that she’ll be coming out any time soon. I know she’ll be greeting the world soon enough though, when God and my body decide it’s time. In the meantime, I’m just enjoying every extra moment before our world does a complete 180 and new changes come our way.

So today was one of those days where my husband and I just lounged around the house and enjoyed a day of relaxation. No real plans, just sort of deciding as we go and relishing being able to do nothing or something. For lunch we enjoyed a delicious Portabello Mushroom hamburger and then prepped some meat and veggies in our slow cooker to have for dinner later. The house smells deliciously warm and welcoming. The three of us (my husband, Biggie, and I) even cuddled up on our couch and took a nap. Ah such bliss!

And now I’m super excited because we decided to take the opportunity to have one of our friend’s, whose a photographer, do a newborn and family photo session for us a couple weeks after we come home from the hospital with our little girl. I can’t wait! I want to make sure to capture those special moments on film. If you want to check out our friend’s work/site you can find her at

Rainy days also always make me reflect. I’ve been thinking today about getting more consistent with my writing, which comes at a funny time because who knows what kind of time I’ll have once our little one arrives. What I mean though is being more aware of when I’m inclined to write and when that need comes up to just get on here and do it if I have the opportunity and not put it off, which is what often happens.

Well, I’m off to take a walk with my husband and Biggie. I’ve done enough vegging for today and need to get some exercise in and get this little belly of mine moving.



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