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Embracing Flexibility

It’s interesting how change and flexibility work and how we process and accept it in our minds. How depending on what the situation is, you either openly accept change and embrace flexibility or you let yourself get frustrated by it.

As I logged in to wordpress I noticed that a few changes had been made to it and I wasn’t used to this new setup, I had become accustomed to where I could go to start a new post, read my subscriptions, etc. and I suddenly found myself not even knowing how to start a new post. Change. I could feel myself getting slightly frustrated, not understanding why this new “simple” change had even been necessary, how was it helping me if I couldn’t easily find what I wanted to do?

Then I started to feel my little baby inside moving around and kicking and nudging and I stopped and just stared at my belly and felt each movement. It’s like getting a soft massage around your belly but from the inside out. And I watched and felt and marvelled at the sensations, the different changes, and how every day is a different moment of growth and development for her. I was happy thinking about this change and welcomed it.

I couldn’t help but think how when the change is something I like or that makes me smile I easily embrace flexibility. It’s when something happens that I wasn’t expecting that a part of me wishes I could control that change, knowing full well I have absolutely no control over it. Coincidentally enough my husband and I started to talk about this and how in life there is so much that is out of our control and it made me think of a quote he shared with me once about being flexible and being able to bend with the changes rather than breaking apart.

This is something I think more about now also as I get closer to my due date. Although I can’t even begin to fathom the amount of changes that are coming our way and the 180 that our lives will take, my goal is to remember to be flexible and understand and embrace that which is out of my control and instead enjoy each moment, even those tough ones.


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