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The popcorn is popping

That’s what our little growing baby feels like sometimes inside of me. I like to imagine that when I feel that popping popcorn sensation it’s her way of telling me that she’s hungry and needs food now, since meal time is about the time it tends to happen most. Then once I get some food in me she calms down.

Other times she’s like a boxer in there. I feel her jabbing and stretching from one end of my belly to the other, to the point that sometimes it makes me grimace or jump a little from the impact I feel. It’s the coolest and oddest sensation in the world to experience, especially when I stop and think about how the miracle of life is growing within me and I wonder what she looks like and what shape and characteristics of ours her little features are molding into. It’s truly amazing, a living human being just growing and preparing to enter the world.

I’ve been blessed so far with a very healthy pregnancy, especially considering the fact that I’m three months shy of my fortieth birthday. Forty. I can’t even believe sometimes that I’m 39 and getting ready to welcome a new little baby into our life while we also enjoy the mischief, wonder, and joy that is raising a 3 year old and experiencing the world through her eyes. I think about the times before I got pregnant that I worried that perhaps I wouldn’t be able to conceive another, and to now be experiencing it all over again and nearing her arrival, it’s one of those moments that makes you stop and realize just how amazing God is.

It’s yet another reason to be thankful. Thankful that I am alive to experience all of this and feel the popcorn sensation.


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