The Long Arm of the Law

I love my work. I am lucky to be one of two Program Coordinators for a great non profit organization that helps empower women, men, and young adults to become economically self sufficient by providing all the necessary tools for employment success such as professional clothing and accessories, mock interviews, computer classes, resume building classes, and other… Continue reading The Long Arm of the Law

CSULB - My College Experience · Life

“And you doubted this…?”

One of the things that I’m really excited about this semester at CSULB is that I have the opportunity of being a Teaching Assistant for one of my favorite professors and classes that I took Fall 2012, Classical Sociological Theories. I know, I’m a nerd. I mean what student actually gets excited about the prospect… Continue reading “And you doubted this…?”



Sometimes the prospect of change can be quite scary, other times it fills you with exhilaration of what’s to come, and often it’s probably a mixture of both. But one thing is for certain, things can not always remain as they are. Even if you feel you’re at your happiest and things couldn’t get any better, life is… Continue reading Change