The Travel Bug Is Lurking

I am itching to escape and travel somewhere with my husband. We were talking about this on Sunday, how great it would be to visit Japan. Neither of us has ever been. We just need to plan around our school schedule because we can only really enjoy time off during Spring break otherwise we’ll need to wait until the semester ends to… Continue reading The Travel Bug Is Lurking

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Graduation Is Closer Than I Expected

I was about to start some homework and remembered I hadn’t posted yet today. I got some really exciting news at school after visiting my advisor, I found out that if I stay on track with four classes per semester I could possibly graduate in Spring 2012! It’s so awesome to think that graduation day is… Continue reading Graduation Is Closer Than I Expected

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Why I Love February, Plus Other Life Events

February is one of my favorite months and not just because it’s my birthday month but because there are so many other celebrations that come rolling in, one right after the other, after Valentine’s Day. For starters on the 16th my parents celebrated their 37th wedding anniversary. My parents have been through so many hurdles and happy moments during all these years and… Continue reading Why I Love February, Plus Other Life Events

CSULB - My College Experience

School: A combination of very interesting and confused

I’m writing this a day in advance because I am anticipating I won’t have time to post tomorrow (Wed). I’ll be at school all day and then my husband and I have plans to enjoy a nice dinner out at one of our favorite restaurants in celebration of post Valentine’s Day. For my Social Psychology class we have… Continue reading School: A combination of very interesting and confused

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Things Happen For A Reason

Sometimes what you believe you want most in life is not always what you need. Today I received an acceptance letter from CSU-Fullerton for Fall 2011. I remember how happy I was when I received that same letter last year for Fall 2010 and how surreal it felt to me that I’d finally be attending… Continue reading Things Happen For A Reason

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Where’s the chips & guacamole?

Our Super Bowl “party” consists of my husband, our bulldog, and me watching the game. Actually I’m sitting here getting ready to read a chapter for my International Social Problems class while my husband is trying to fight taking a nap and channel flipping between the game and other semi interesting channels. Biggie is sunbathing… Continue reading Where’s the chips & guacamole?

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Fear of Success & Transformation

Could fear of success & transformation been one of the reasons behind some of the bad choices I made at my Community College during my early 20s? According to one of my homework assignments it’s quite possible. Last night I was doing some reading for my Race, Class, Gender course and one of the articles made me… Continue reading Fear of Success & Transformation