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Where’s the chips & guacamole?

Our Super Bowl “party” consists of my husband, our bulldog, and me watching the game. Actually I’m sitting here getting ready to read a chapter for my International Social Problems class while my husband is trying to fight taking a nap and channel flipping between the game and other semi interesting channels. Biggie is sunbathing in his favorite little spot, passed out like a true bulldog. We are quite the party goers! Needless to say there are no chips and guacamole.

I don’t know the first thing about football. My friends tried to teach me the basics a few years ago but I can’t say I remember a thing. And from the looks of it, Biggie is not too interested in the game either. This is Biggie getting some shade now:

For now it’s lights out TV and time to do some homework while my two boys take a nap. Maybe we’ll check-in in a couple of hours to see what the score is. For all you people who placed your bets, let’s hope it’s your happy day. This wish goes out to you my friend, V, and hoping you chose the right squares!


4 thoughts on “Where’s the chips & guacamole?

  1. I didn’t win anything this year, unfortunately, but I’m pretty happy the Packers won! (Unlike you my friend, I watched pretty much the entire game, the 1st quarter while getting my mani/pedi…am I hardcore or what?!)

    P.S. Love the picture!


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