Adventures of Biggie the bulldog

Some More Doggie Wisdom

This bit of wisdom is from a few days ago but it’s never too late to share. I get these “day to day dogmas” every morning and it’s one of my favorite ways to start the day. This one made me think of Biggie.

If there is one thing I’ve learned about Biggie is that he is not shy about asking for love, or anything else for that matter. Whenever Biggie wants love or attention he gets right up in your face. My heart just about melts when he rolls over on his back, all legs up, and gets this big grin as you rub his belly and kiss his little cheeks. Recently though he started doing something new, that even though it’s not right, it gets me cracking up every time because he can be such a…well…bully! If I’m laying on my tummy reading he’ll come up and try to grab a hold of my book with his mouth and if that doesn’t work then he’ll plop his big ole booty on top of my book, or if I’m on the laptop (this is usually when I’m blogging) he’ll shove his entire body in between me and the laptop and then try to attack it. It’s the funniest thing, although very bad behavior of course. Needless to say he’s not shy about asking hug me, kiss me, love me…or just flat out play with me! I love that about him.

Here he’s asking for his #1 favorite thing, treats! Sometimes it pays to be direct about our requests.


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