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Why I Love February, Plus Other Life Events

February is one of my favorite months and not just because it’s my birthday month but because there are so many other celebrations that come rolling in, one right after the other, after Valentine’s Day. For starters on the 16th my parents celebrated their 37th wedding anniversary. My parents have been through so many hurdles and happy moments during all these years and although every day is still a learning and growing process for them I admire them for the love and determination they put in their relationship, even if it isn’t always easy.

Today my nephew turns five! This is the very first time we’ll be celebrating his birthday with him because the years before my brother & his family had been living in Austin, TX. They’re going to be celebrating his birthday at Chuck-E-Cheese and I’m really looking forward to having fun with all the kids. I love having those moments! I’m the kind of person that at a kid’s birthday party if there’s one of those bouncy castles I’ll jump right in, so tonight should be fun.

Then on the 20th I celebrate my 36th birthday. Wow, 36. I remember when I had my “Quinceañera” (our tradition of celebrating when we turn 15, like a sweet 16) and one of my aunts told me to enjoy every day because before I knew it 30 would be right around the corner. She wasn’t kidding! Although of course back then 30 seemed like decades away. Well 30 has come and gone and as I look back on everything I’ve experienced I am so thankful and happy for every moment God has given me, yes even the tough ones, because they led me to the person I am today and all the blessings in my life. One of these years I’m going to plan a fiesta for myself and have a piñata, a bouncy, and a bunch of goodies for the guests, young and adult. You see it’s not so much because I want all this attention on me (I have never done very well with being the center of attention) but because I want everyone to be able to join in and enjoy themselves. I love when people around me are happy and having fun too!

Wednesday was such a great day at school too. It was one of those days where every class was so interesting and the day went by so fast. The debate in my Social Psychology class about Pro-Choice went so well and it was nice to hear different perspectives on the subject. Even my International Social Problems class had my full attention and I realized that I have the power to make the most of every class and every day as long as I go in with the right attitude. Not everything is going to be enjoyable or easy but moaning and groaning isn’t going to help or make it any better either. Then when I got home my husband and I went out for a special dinner and splurged at one of our favorite restaurants. The food was delectable and we both took the time to savor every bite.

And last but not least on February 28th it will be five years since the day my husband asked me for my phone number and my life changed for the better. Have I ever mentioned how we met? I’ll have to keep you in suspense and leave that for another day otherwise this post is going to be very long.

To be continued…


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