Adventures of Biggie the bulldog

For Bulldog Lovers: First Ever “Bullytin” Flyer

I’m so excited! SoCal Bulldog Rescue printed their first ever “Bullytin” Flyer this past weekend and distributed it at their annual Bulldog Beauty Contest in Long Beach. Yes, you read that right a beauty contest for bulldogs because bulldogs are beautiful!

A couple months ago SCBR asked those of us who had success stories to share of our bulldog(s) to submit our story to them so they could choose some to print in their flyer and the story of our boy Biggie was one of the chosen! If you click on the link below and then on the image of the flyer you will get a PDF copy and can read all about the Fur-Ever After Tails and find a brief story of Biggie on the bottom of page 3. I’m so happy they shared our little bully because my husband and I are always raving about him to everyone and all the happiness and love he’s given us. Plus this is the first time It makes me feel so happy just thinking that someone out there read a little bit about Biggie!

There are also some other very heartwarming success stories. One in particular that made me get a little teary was the story of Boris and his family and  their personal hardship of having eight miscarriages and the love and healing Boris has brought to their lives. Although this goes off subject slightly but it’s related to this couple’s story, if you’re a mommy or daddy please kiss your child/children tonight and tell them that you love them, and appreciate each and every day the gift and blessing of having a child. I understand that raising children is not always easy but many people who are out there trying don’t ever get that opportunity in life.


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