CSULB - My College Experience

School: A combination of very interesting and confused

I’m writing this a day in advance because I am anticipating I won’t have time to post tomorrow (Wed). I’ll be at school all day and then my husband and I have plans to enjoy a nice dinner out at one of our favorite restaurants in celebration of post Valentine’s Day.

For my Social Psychology class we have a lecture every week on Monday and then a debate on Wednesday. Each group of roughly 4 people has been pre-assigned debate dates and we have the freedom to choose any topic to debate as long as we incorporate concepts from the chapter readings for said week. Imagine my surprise when I checked my email today and found that tomorrow’s group will be debating Pro Choice. This class is about to get even more interesting, not only because of the sensitive topic itself but what better scenario for a Social Psychology class? Will have to post about the outcome afterward.

I wish I could express the same enthusiasm for my Problems in International Social Conflict class. I really like our Professor and thankfully his lectures make some sense. What I don’t understand is the direction or purpose of the class. We go from reading about the Sunni-Shia conflict to various topics such as Medievalism, Fundamentalism, Globalism, etc. Plus about 90% of the class is an International Studies major and I feel like I should have taken an intro course just to understand half of what the instructor is saying. The reason I took this class was because it counted as a “capstone” and “global issues” credit (and yes it sounded interesting) but come to find out I had already fulfilled my “global issues” requirement at my community college. I’ve decided to see an academic advisor and have an appointment next week to go over my best options at this point. I will probably just end up sticking with the class because 1) I don’t want to lose 3 credits and drop to part-time status even if I dislike the class and 2) At least the class still counts toward a capstone credit so it’s one more requirement I will end up fulfilling. My biggest problem is I like structure and direction and this class appears to lack both.

Well that’s all for now. Cheers to broadening my mind and learning something new!


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