Is Happiness Overrated?

Are we as a people so broken and experiencing such heartache, sorrow, and pain that we no longer know how to identify happiness even in the smallest of things? I’ve noticed in the past few weeks that often times when people bring up something in conversation it is seldom about positive events. Often times the conversations revolve around… Continue reading Is Happiness Overrated?

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Happy Moments and Trees

Celeste had her very first play date today and even though it was the first time she went to my friend’s house she completely made herself at home and was crawling around everywhere like she owned the place. I loved that she got to play with the babies/kiddos and us girls got to get some… Continue reading Happy Moments and Trees

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Another great little piece of wisdom. I remember a particular class I took at OCC and the instructor saying forgivess isn’t just for the other person, it’s primarily for yourself, because every minute you spend feeding that resentment is time taken away from enjoying other things in your life. That always stayed with me. It isn’t always easy… Continue reading Forgiveness

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Take Time To Say Thank You

Today’s inspiration comes from my daily Zelda Wisdom subscription. We all have busy schedules and things to take care of but we shouldn’t take for granted the significance of a “thank you” and telling someone how much you appreciate what they did/do for you. Remember that every day is a blessing and we can choose to be happy and make… Continue reading Take Time To Say Thank You

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Why I Love February, Plus Other Life Events

February is one of my favorite months and not just because it’s my birthday month but because there are so many other celebrations that come rolling in, one right after the other, after Valentine’s Day. For starters on the 16th my parents celebrated their 37th wedding anniversary. My parents have been through so many hurdles and happy moments during all these years and… Continue reading Why I Love February, Plus Other Life Events