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Happy Moments and Trees

Celeste had her very first play date today and even though it was the first time she went to my friend’s house she completely made herself at home and was crawling around everywhere like she owned the place. I loved that she got to play with the babies/kiddos and us girls got to get some catch up time also. One of my friend’s made a funny comment that the scenario (bunch of kids and toys around us) was so different from where we were all at a few years ago when we made our trip to Hawaii. We sure are…there’s boyfriends, husbands, and babies in the mix now! I say that just makes for even more fun conversations. (wink wink at my friend who I know will be reading this)

I also completed my very first 3 mile run today, yay for me!! Since our little Celeste decided that she was not going to take her afternoon nap when we thought it was time, we decided to go workout and take her along for the ride on her stroller. So as I was running at the park I was looking around at the different people…an older couple playing with two young kids on the jungle gym, a family having a get together and playing some sports, a couple on the far corner trying to keep a low profile, various aged people walking their dogs…I couldn’t help but smile and think, we all have our special happy moments and I wonder if this moment is one of them for these people I’m seeing.

Another happy moment for me was when we were giving our daughter a bath this evening. She just looked so beautiful and so happy and I smiled at how thankful I am to God for this blessing. I loved seeing her so happy as we bathed her and having her hand me her little bath book so I could read some words to her. The day was just filled with so many little special moments.

I also wanted to share some pics with you. I LOVE trees and sometimes when I’m out walking Biggie or cooling down after my morning run I like to snap some shots of some of my favorite trees around the neighborhood. I wish I had my regular camera on me because my cell phone just doesn’t do them justice, but I figured I’d share them on here anyway.

I kept enjoying looking at this tree when I went for a morning run a few days ago



On a very foggy morning walk with Biggie
I just love all the Fall leaves on the pavement




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