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Celeste is taking her afternoon nap. I could be cleaning, doing laundry, or even cooking but I’m not because it feels so nice that after 16 weeks I have free time that doesn’t need to be used for catching up on reading or working on a writing asssignment.

This morning I finished the Fall semester at school and I feel such immense relief!

This past week was a tough one, and thanks to God and help from my husband and mom I got through the semester. I did it! And this gives me hope that despite the new challenges I faced this semester and given the study time I had to work with in the end I did my best and have such faith that I can do it again next semester.

The hardest moment for me by far was last Friday. I had been working on a writing assignment a few days prior and studying for the first part of another final in between writing. The paper was due via the Online drop box at 6:30p on Friday and I had finally finished the page and a half that was left of 5 pages total just minutes before 6p and I hit save. Except something awful happened.

My document was nowhere to be found and as I frantically searched for it while my husband was playing with Celeste, I started to panic. The minutes were going by and there was no way I could type up the last page and a half missing on my originally saved file. My husband tried helping me search for it, and with tears streaming down my face I knew it was futile, my finished paper was lost somewhere in computer oblivion. So the only thing I could do was turn in what I had and hope that my Professor wouldn’t take off too much for an incomplete assignmnet. Once I had hit submit at 6:24p I lost it and cried uncontrollably into my husband’s shoulder as he consoled me. He felt so sorry for me because he had seen me working so hard on the assignment and knew I had finished it. I’ll probably know in a couple weeks how everything turned out in that class.

Aside from that experience all in all things went well and I truly enjoyed my classes this semester. I thank God for all that he allows me to accomplish and for every opportunity to be flexible and victorious. 


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