Les Miserables – In My Life/A Heart Full of Love

I am in love with the soundtrack to the musical and the movie Les Miserable. My husband and I have seen the musical twice and a few days ago we had the chance to see the movie and it was a phenomenal experience. There were some things that I didn’t quite catch when we saw the musical and so seeing the movie cleared up some things for me and only helped to expand my love for this musical.

I am a complete cheeseball when it comes to love and love stories and so I wanted to share one of my favorite moments from Les Miserables, when Marius and Cosette are face to face and speak of their love for each other. This is a short video clip of the full song In my life / A Heart Full of Love. For all of you who dislike this kind of stuff, brace yourself. My favorite part is when Marius begins to sing the words “a heart full of love”, which is where the video clip begins.

This moment is filled with such tenderness. The part where Marius gets all jumbled up and says “I’m doing everything all wrong” makes me giggle inwardly like a little school girl because it reminds me of such vulnerability and innocence in love…not knowing what to say, not wanting to sound foolish, but the beauty being in that foolishness and vulnerability, and trying to get the right words out that depict the immense emotion going through the heart.

Haven’t we all felt that and maybe still do at times with that special someone that we love even if we’ve been together with them for some time? I know I do…that little innocence is still there because every day is new and I think if we stop and take a moment to see that person in our life with new eyes we realize that the emotion and vulnerability is there and we find ourselves like Marius, all jumbled up and feeling like we’re doing it all wrong. đŸ˜‰

There is so much I want to share about this movie/musical but for now this is all that I will leave you with. It is the kind of piece that I believe triggers so many emotions and topics that a lot of people can relate to and I found myself having to suppress a sob coming out of me as the tears rolled down my face because of the emotions that it triggers. Hope, faith, loss, love, forgiveness, anger, and pain.


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