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The truth about writing 

This is a section from Leeana Tankersley’s book Brazen. There are many areas of this book that I’m devouring and that is causing me to take time for deep reflection, grace, and acceptance. So I’m reading this chapter and as soon as I read “lugging something around our souls that was meant to be released,… Continue reading The truth about writing 

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About a girl: mommy vs self 

Brené Brown has a great video On Empathy that explains so well the difference between empathy and sympathy. About that vulnerable place where you are asked to “feel with a person” when they are saying to you, with or without words “I’m scared, I’m overwhelmed”.  I experienced a very vulnerable moment this morning in which a rush… Continue reading About a girl: mommy vs self 


Les Miserables – In My Life/A Heart Full of Love

I am in love with the soundtrack to the musical and the movie Les Miserable. My husband and I have seen the musical twice and a few days ago we had the chance to see the movie and it was a phenomenal experience. There were some things that I didn’t quite catch when we saw… Continue reading Les Miserables – In My Life/A Heart Full of Love