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The truth about writing 

This is a section from Leeana Tankersley’s book Brazen. There are many areas of this book that I’m devouring and that is causing me to take time for deep reflection, grace, and acceptance.

So I’m reading this chapter and as soon as I read “lugging something around our souls that was meant to be released, given away, not harbored” I instantly think about my writing. 

And the question is “What area of your life feels vulnerable right now”. If asked this, would you be able to make yourself completely vulnerable and share? I would love to know and to be able to walk alongside with you on that path of letting the vulnerability in. 

For me it is writing. This blog as a matter of fact. I am completely ok with complete strangers reading it. But I was just sharing with my close cousin that not many people close to me know I even have this blog or how much I truly love to write and express myself through writing. And that recently I finally included the link to my blog site on two social media accounts – neither of which is Facebook. Because I’m not quite ready yet for that kind of exposure, vulnerability. 

So, when I read “What area of your life feels vulnerable right now?” I instantly wrote how  exposed and vulnerable I feel when it comes to my writing. Why? Because it’s what I absolutely love to do. I love it so much that I’m afraid that if I let it be known how much I love it, and secretly crave success with it, that this love won’t do well with the rejection if  I’m told I’m not really good at it. 

And then I realized. It doesn’t really matter if I’m successful with it or not. What matters is that I know this is the gift God gave me and the best I can do is honor it well by not harboring it and instead just share my gift. Without expectation or requirement. Just do it because it’s one of what God designed especially for me and because I love it. 


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