On the days when I’m not all together 

This verse saved me today from being completely enveloped by the heavy thoughts in my head. 

As I walked our daughter to class this morning and she told me her wonderful story, I kept pushing back these negative thoughts in my head of all the things I’m doing wrong. None of which I let out of me. But they lingered inside me like a dark cloud wanting me to just succumb to their heaviness and let them completely overshadow anything positive. 

We got to the sign in table and as I looked at the small dry erase board that the teacher had set up I read…

I can do all things through Christ that strengthens me. Philippians 4:13

And I began to repeat it in my head. 

I put my daughters lunch bag away, gave her a great big hug and as I walked out of the room I started to feel that weight again. I immediately began to softly whisper the verse again out loud. I whispered the words over and over all the way to the car. And as I began to drive off I could feel this lightness in me. 

I could feel God saving me in that moment from my own harsh thoughts and instead remind me that I am not alone. That He is greater than any problem or negativity I may be feeling. I just need to allow him in and let him remain there. 


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