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Oh The Finish Line!


I did it! I completed my very first 5K race yesterday at the Bonnie J. Addario Lung Cancer Foundation: Your Next Step is the Cure, Orange County, CA 5K!!

I woke up Saturday morning with an “oh oh” feeling. I had a terrible tummy ache and my body just felt weird. Achey.

Our original plan was to take the baby with us so that my husband could run with the jogging stroller alongside me, but the weather was a bit iffy and we didn’t want to risk getting her sick if it rained on us. So after feeding the baby, walking beasty boy Biggie, and getting ready, we dropped off Celeste at my mom’s house. I was feeling worse. So my husband stopped by Bruegger’s Bagels and I was hopeful the little extra food would help me feel better. Thankfully it did.

These were some of the highlights of my day…

  • It was the very first time that my husband and I ran together, and in a race at that. My husband is a lot more athletic than me but he was there to support me and he ran alongside me the entire time and even stopped and walked with me the two times that I got the pain on the side of my tummy. This was by far my biggest highlight, just knowing he was there cheering me on!
  • I completed the race! I’m not sure what my official time was (yet) but I used my Endomondo workout tracker and based on when I started it and stopped it my time read 35:41. A huge accomplishment for me!
  • We were there to support a wonderful cause. So many people gathered together to raise funds and bring awareness to Lung Cancer
  • The Sheriff Department had a group of their recruits at the race and it was awesome to see them running and doing their cadence march. Very, very cool!
  • I did some of my best times, running the 1st mile in a little over 9 min and then the second mile in about 10 and 3/4 min
  • Crossing the finish line!

It was a wonderful experience and I can’t wait to do it again!

Thankfully whatever virus was going through my body decided not to show it’s little self in full force until after the race, which was when I started to feel terrible. But today I’m feeling 90% better and happy for my accomplishment.



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