Not stressed

This day turned out to be pretty nice.  I woke up this morning and felt a little concerned because I had a painfully tight knot near my shoulders, as if someone were pinching me.  This seems to be the new spot where any tension I have likes to just camp out.  It made me think about the massage I had a few weeks ago and how helpful the lady was and the wonderful tips she gave me, which of course I haven’t followed through with.  So I had this terrible pinch near my shoulder and I worried a bit about what kind of day it would be, especially considering I would only be at the office for 4 hours and then heading off to orientation day at Cal State Long Beach.  But then as the day progressed I realized that attitude makes such a difference and best of all that the shoulder pain began to fade.

The orientation turned out to be really helpful and I loved the campus, and one of the best parts was the drive back from CSULB.  I was on the freeway around 5pm heading South on the 405 towards Orange County and the sun was just beginning to set and the colors in the sky were amazing.  I wish I had a camera with me because it was so beautiful.  It was like someone got a brush and and painted soft strokes of pink, orange, blue, and red in the sky.  And all the while that I was driving back I was speaking with God and asking him to grace our lives with his love and wisdom, and as always, he does provide. 

Now this is really random but as I’m sitting here typing I’m starting to fall asleep and realize I need to get to bed.  This is good though, because now I know I need to get in the habit of posting earlier in the day because right now I am barely getting through this. 

Good night all…


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