Cleaning as a form of therapy

Today has been so therapeutic!  After my husband left to work I snoozed for a little while longer and then took our bulldog Biggie for a nice 1hr 10min walk. Yes, he actually loves to walk that long. It was beautiful outside, just the kind of cool weather that makes for perfect morning walks. Once we made it back home I was thinking of having my usual bowl of cereal for breakfast (I’m such a creature of habit) but I was starving and decided to enjoy some scrambled eggs with turkey, cheese, avocado, and a slice of toast instead.  My plan was to wait about 45 minutes and then go to the gym, but then I started to look around the house and I cringed a little at how dirty our kitchen floor was.  I’m too embarrassed to admit how long it has been since I cleaned it (plus I can’t remember) and it hasn’t helped that on those rainy days we’ve brought in some extra dirt from outside, not to mention the couple of times Biggie has run through the kitchen before we’ve had a chance to wipe his paws off.  Thank goodness my husband is not a stickler about having the house look spotless 24/7. 

The hardest part about doing house cleaning (for me atleast) is getting started, but once I finished the kitchen it looked so pretty and shiny and smelled of Pinesol that I was on a roll.  Yes, I realize this sounds totally crazy, but by the time I finished cleaning both bathrooms I was just staring at the shiny clean toilet, sink, and mirrors with a silly grin on my face.  And I thought, this is so therapeutic! I was really putting some elbow grease into my cleaning and I felt so relieved and happy and the little bit of tension/worry I was carrying in me just seemed to disappear. I honestly felt like I’d just been through therapy.  The best part is now that everything is clean I won’t be hearing that little annoying voice in the back of my head.     

What are some things you enjoy doing that help you de-stress or just make you feel good once you’re done, even if it involves some elbow grease to get there?

PS – Thank goodness for saved drafts, just as I was about to finish and post, my computer crashed!  This laptop is nearing the end of it’s life…


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