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A Little Treat

Today my husband and I treated ourselves to dinner out at one of our favorite Sushi spots, this small and lovely place called Sankai in Santa Ana. We got to sit at the Sushi bar and that’s always such a treat because I love being able to see the different creations and observe the chefs. I told my husband watching them make the different plates is like art work. Since I’m pregnant I can only eat things like the California Roll and the Veggie Roll and I don’t mind at all because the minute I get that roll in my mouth I’m taken away by the different textures and flavors. My mouth waters just thinking about it! I have to admit I get a little envious of the exquisite plates my husband gets to indulge in, it’s all worth it though when I see the expression of satisfaction in his eyes and he tells me how delicious his selection was.

I love to people watch too and it’s just so interesting to catch glimpses of other diners or to see the interactions between the two chefs and the people around us. I was telling my husband how I see the chefs and I wonder what thoughts lay in their minds, what their story is. It’s cool too how you can tell who the regulars are because they have this little extra interaction with the chefs and there is a lightness about the way they speak to each other.

I also feel so blessed to have that time to spend with my husband. I love being able to not only enjoy the food but also to share thoughts and funny memories together. I’m just so thankful to God for those moments and truly treasure them. And as I sit here writing while my husband meditates and Biggie is laying on the couch licking his paws I feel so calm and content. Life is good.


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