My power 

Embrace who you are and the beauty you are. 

I can be moved to tears so easily, especially when it’s something that truly tugs at my heart. 

For a long time I was searching to figure out exactly who I was. And I have realized something so powerful. I am uniquely made in God’s image. I lack nothing. He has given me all I have ever needed. Somewhere along the way I forgot that and rediscovering this has been like opening my heart and eyes wider than I could ever imagine. 

Some people have super fit bodies. Others are amazing cooks. Some can belt out a song with such emotion. Some people can wrap you in a warm embrace and make you forget all your troubles.  Whatever it is that you are awesome at, embrace it. 

For me it’s inspiring and motivating others. This week something really cool happened. Two friends that I rarely get to hang out with or see told me they were touched by what I wrote or that I’m a great support system. That put a huge smile on my face. I am definitely a people person, I love to connect with others. It is such a profound thing for me. 

That is my power. 


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