My 2017 Focus: Intention 

As I was walking our youngest in her stroller to get her to fall asleep for nap time and our oldest rode her bike alongside us, I smiled as I saw the clouds part and the bright sun spread its warmth on me. 

Then I felt the slightest little tingle of fear of the unknown. I quickly asked myself why? It’s a new year but other than that, it’s just a new day. Like every day. A new day filled with new opportunities. But I knew why. Because 2016 had come and gone and I knew now what it had brought with it. I was afraid of all the unknown that 2017 will bring. And it’s that little reminder that I have no control over that. Good things and difficult things will happen. I can only control how I respond to those events. And I can only hold steadfast to my faith in God that whatever 2017 brings,it is His love and hope that will help me through it like it has every year. 

So that was my moment of allowing the unknown have a little way with my fear. 

Other than that little moment I’m actually super excited about this new year. My key focus is going to be intention. 

I want to be intentional in various aspects of my life like with my family, cultivating strong relationships with my loved ones which means connection and time spent together. I also want to be more intentional about my health – the foods I eat and being consistent with my workouts. I’m very proud of what I accomplished in 2016 as far as my consistency with workouts, now I want to be intentional about the things I eat. The kind of nutrition that fuels my body. I want to also be intentional about setting goals and booking family trips and outings. Because many times we think of many ideas for trips or outings but we fail to write them down and as the year ends we realize we didn’t see many of those plans go through. Which brings me into money. I was not the least bit intentional with my money in 2016 and that’s something I want to improve this year. In a big way. So, that being said, this little lady will be sitting down and writing down a lot of goals and the steps to get there. 

What about you? What are your plans for 2017? 


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