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Music Fills My Soul

If there is one thing I wouldn’t like to be without it’s music. My mom likes to tell me the thing she misses the most about me not living at home anymore are all those times I’d turn on my music and dance all around the house and jump on the bed and belt out the lyrics to a favorite song. I remember those times so clearly too. I als0 remember this one occasion many years ago when I was in the car at a stop light completely belting out and dancing in my seat to Shania Twain’s (yes I know) “I’m Holdin’ On To Love (To Save My Life)” and never realized that a bus had pulled up next to me, until the driver honked and gave me two thumbs up for my performance!

Music has always been a part of my life. I’ve sung the sad love songs during moments of heartache, felt the beautiful knot in my throat when I hear an inspiring song at church that sends a message from God straight to my soul, and I’ve danced with all my heart to my favorite tunes. I’ll pretty much listen to anything, even country. Ah yes the days when I was obsessed with country, George Strait is still my favorite. I go through these periods where I’ll do pretty much nothing else but listen to a particular artist or genre because music has so much to do with my mood and where I’m at in life. Like right now the CD that has been playing over and over in my car for months is Sara Bareilles’ “Kaleidoscope Heart”. I love that entire CD. She’s so creative, talented, and has such a beautiful voice. I love that in some of her songs her music is so upbeat and contradictory to the words in the song, that if she sang those words to a different beat they could come off as a bit bitchy, haha. I can’t seem to get tired of her talent and creativity.  

What I’m so thankful for too is all the new music my husband has introduced me to, less mainstream artists like Imogen Heap, Postal Service, Telepopmusik, Mozella, Whiskey Town, Ingrid Michaelson etc. One of my favorite things is when my husband surprises me with a personal CD of songs he thinks I’ll enjoy or that are his favorites or music that reminds him of us and our love…all those specials songs that he’s dedicated to me and that when I hear them on the radio or playing in our home they just make me light up inside. I’m such a romantic at heart.

I could go on and on about the subject of music, but for now atleast I’ve shared some of my most special thoughts on this. Music does truly fill my soul with love, happiness, comfort, and inspiration.


One thought on “Music Fills My Soul

  1. This is a very good message. Im glad to hear you love your music as I love my music too! I play the flute and yes I love the Lord.


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