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I have an idea!

“Mommy, I have an idea. My idea is I want to be naked and then papa and I can play”

I have an idea is our 3 year old’s newest phrase.

Her eyes light up and she gets a huge smile when she says “I have an idea” and I can tell she’s so pleased with herself and eager to share what it is. The one about getting naked happened last night. And sure enough she had my husband strip her down to her undies (even in the cool weather we felt indoors) and the two of them played as my husband pretend wrestled with her in her room.

Or we will be in the car and she says she has an idea, that she will take off her shoes and when we get to where we are going we can carry her inside.

I love that she loves that she’s got an idea, that her mind is creatively working and coming up with such thoughts. What wonderful and beautiful things are processed in her sweet innocent mind.

I am constantly reminded, through our daughters actions, words, and expressions of those small things that mean so much. Of the beauty and significance of an idea, and it makes me take pause and think of my own ideas.

A few days ago I had an idea and started to take a more conscious effort to connect more with the WordPress community. I did a search on parenting blogs and suddenly it’s like a whole new world has opened up.

In just a matter of days I have come across so many amazing and inspiring posts from parents in all sorts of similar and different situations from my own. I find myself nodding in agreement and thinking “yes, I’ve been in that same situation or felt that same way!” or reading in wonder about an experience I had not encountered until reading that specific post. I have been feeling more connected. And I just want to soak up more and more of what others have to share and let them know through a like or comment that they are being heard. We all are.

I’m so happy our daughter has had so many ideas. She’s helped me to discover and be more aware of my own.


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