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Gratitude in friendship

I️ should be asleep right now but I️ was awake and saw this picture and felt compelled to write, even if just a few phrases.

I’m so blessed to have people in my life that when I️ look at them I️ smile and think how happy I️ am that I️ met them. I️ know the picture of the couple may have you thinking of a significant other first, but I️ actually thought to myself – yes I️ have people I️ see in this way in my life and they’re not of the relationship kind.

I️ can be such a sappy writer at times and this is sure one of them. When I️ think of those special people that just light up my life and make me smile seeing their image pop in my mind, I️ get a knot in my throat.

And it’s not just the friends that have traveled with me in so many seasons of my life, it’s even in new friendships that I’m forging.

My oldest daughter is in a dance program and this year she’s in the company’s Mini Dance Team. Since the beginning of Fall I️ have begun to connect more and more with some of the mom’s and share with them with such truthfulness. It’s really quite special. There are some days when going into that lobby and watching Celeste from the TV while also getting to enjoy the conversation and company of these women is a real blessing to my day. I’m genuinely interested in their lives and what they have to share. I️ love that we share this common dance thread and that through that we get to weave other interests too. I️ love the connection.

So as I️ saw this photo, a few of the faces of these new friends came to mind and I️ smiled because I️ thought, I️ am so glad I’ve met these women.

xoxo, Yvonne


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