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When you change your perspective it’s easier to see the good

I love reading and sharing positive quotes. They remind me to see the blessing in every day life and to be appreciative.

It’s so easy to let negative thoughts or words make a permanent residence in our mind and so why not make sure that we take conscious efforts to ward off the negative vibes with words of affirmation?

The same goes with the people we surround ourselves with. Misery loves company and if you spend enough time around people that are toxic, you’ll find yourself to be one of them too.

Sunday evening we had our Pre-Thanksgiving celebration with my in laws and I keep replaying in my mind some of the conversations we had. It’s so invigorating to talk with them and hear different thoughts on subjects like raising children, role models, social media and technology, inequality, childhood experiences, etc. Even within our own family there are so many different backgrounds and life choices that have provided such a variety of outcomes and it’s fascinating to me to see where that leads us.

So what I think about is the huge influence I have on our children and how much control I have over being able to be the best parent I can be with them. Every day I have the ability to make a conscious effort of doing my best, of focusing on the positive, being grateful, of not settling with ‘oh but this happened in my childhood’, but instead focus on the power of making smart choices, being the positive change, and be the transitional generation that puts an end to negative patterns or choices that didn’t work.

I truly believe that every day I have this ability so long as I don’t lose sight of the direction I want our family to go. Because really when did positive energy and being grateful become overrated for some?


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