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“I Get To Love You”

Nothing gets me more than a song that pulls at my heart strings. Especially when it comes to areas in my life where I have felt (feel) deeply.

Last Saturday was the Pep Rally / Rehearsal for the girls that are on the competition teams (and duets/solos) for the dance company we have Celeste in. She’s on one of three Mini teams. So during the rehearsal I finally got to hear the song and watch the choreography for the Mini Contemporary team (Celeste is not in this one). All I knew is the 4 girls are supposed to be brides.

So I watch it for the first time and I’m moved by the choreography but I don’t really listen to all the words. This morning I finally got some time to play the song and listen carefully.

Wow! My eyes welled up with tears and I had this huge knot in my throat. I couldn’t even sing the words once I kept replaying it.

As I listened to the song I immediately thought of my girls and my husband. Every single word felt like it was taken directly from my heart and expressing exactly what I feel for them.

Take a moment to listen to it, it’s truly beautiful. It reminds me the most wonderful thing I get to do is to love my girls and my husband. It reminds me to thank God for the beautiful blessing that are my daughters and my husband, because I still remember when I used to pray with all my heart for what I have now, my family. ❤️

The song is I Get To Love You and the artist is Ruelle. Here’s a video.


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