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It’s not what we say but what we do

Hello friends, it’s been awhile. There have been so many moments I’ve wanted to stop by here and share how life has been and then, you know how it goes, one thing or another comes up.

My mind feels saturated with ideas, thoughts, concerns and stories tonight. I wish I had hours to write and put them on paper. What I want though is rest and sleep. And I’m sending out a silent prayer to God that tonight will bring just that.

Celeste has a nasty congested nose. The poor thing when she gets these colds, it all just gets stuck in her nose. We’ve done steam, nasal spray, cold medicine, vapo rub, but nothing really works. Last night she was so congested, before I even had a chance to say it, she sat up in bed and asked if I could run steam to help clear her nose.

I so miss writing and sharing, and even though all I want to do is fall asleep, I had to get a little message out.

Today is International Woman’s Day and I ran into this quote when I googled that title.

This is what I want to always remember as I go through life and as my girls grow. Because as the saying goes, don’t worry about your kids listening to you because they are watching everything you do.

The moment I stop to really think about that, it makes me pause and reflect. Am I behaving and responding to life and my surroundings in a way that I would want my daughters to emulate? Wow. Not at all times. Am I doing my best to show them to be patient, kind, loving and to have self control. You know, like in the car when you’re not so tolerant of the slow or bad driver. Hmmmm. They watch. Always. They learn.

It’s little moments like these and these quotes that remind me of the tremendously huge and impactful role I play in their lives. And I want to be proud of what I do and the woman they become from watching me.

Well; it’s almost time for bed and this topic will need to be revisited.

But I’m curious, when you read that quote, what was your first thought. What do you desire most to show your daughter or any younger girl that looks up to you?

Hugs 🤗


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