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Plot twist!! It’s not just about boobs… 

   August was one of the most difficult months for me since the birth of our second baby, Elysse. I was under a lot of stress that had a really bad affect on my nursing.  I thought plugged ducts were bad but nothing could have prepared me for the burning sensation and stabbing pain I… Continue reading Plot twist!! It’s not just about boobs… 

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Marriage – all about seasons 

  At my bridal shower there was a little notebook passed around for my friends and family to write tips and advice for me. I’ll always remember what my then future sis in law Michelle wrote…”You will go through so many different seasons together. There will be times you will be so in sync, everything… Continue reading Marriage – all about seasons 

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About a girl: mommy vs self 

Brené Brown has a great video On Empathy that explains so well the difference between empathy and sympathy. About that vulnerable place where you are asked to “feel with a person” when they are saying to you, with or without words “I’m scared, I’m overwhelmed”.  I experienced a very vulnerable moment this morning in which a rush… Continue reading About a girl: mommy vs self