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Apparently it’s Meltdown Monday today 

I’m so ready to throw in the towel today, and it’s only 2:45pm. And I haven’t even been able to shower. 

I’ve got two very congested girls. My theory is our  3 year old got our 8 week old sick. Which means one cranky toddler that wants to believe she’s boss and doesn’t take it gracefully when she realizes she’s not. And our poor 8 week old, she just doesn’t know why suddenly it sucks to breathe and eat. And she’s a little cranky too. 

Why does everything have to be a battle? 

It’s quite funny actually because the day goes by in such a comical way. One minute I’m so happy because our toddler is eating all her rice and veggies and the next moment she’s screaming bloody murder because she doesn’t want to wear the yellow shorts. Seriously?! Oh and then she decides she wants to wear the shorts over her pants. Yeah, not going to happen in 90 degree weather, kiddo.  Sorry. 

Then we go back to calm as her and I are putting a puzzle together. She’s quite good at doing them and I get so happy to enjoy that moment with her. Then I realize she’s got this big snot in her nose (my grossest nightmare!) so I tell her I can use the bulb syringe (which she loves now at age 3). If you don’t know what it is, it’s this fine gadget: 

We have about four of these things in different colors and sizes that we got from either the hospital or first aid kits. What I’ve discovered is that Elysse has a much smaller nostril opening so only one of the bulb syringes works well on her. Of course it’s the one that Celeste wants me to use on her. When I tell her no, she can have any of the other three, one of which is pink, an epic melt down ensues. Because of course she must have the one I’m using for her younger sister. 

“Bloody hell!!” Is what goes through my mind but of course not out of my mouth. Instead I tell her it’s nap time. Because I know that aside from sick she’s just plain tired and thus more cranky. 

Thankfully she doesn’t put up too much of a fight and mommy gets a little break. Which is code for finishing laundry, cooking (yes sweetie I’m cooking) and of course tending to our baby. Yes, I also snuck in some time to write this. Blogging keeps me sane lately. 

Here’s a funny bit of what I shared with my husband. Just as a heads up, we like to pretend that Biggie our dog also plays a human role in our family. 

I hope you’ve been having a good day chango. I’ve got two sick very congested girls. It sucks Elysse has it bc it’s hard for her to breathe. Celeste is really testing my patience today. Everything is a battle but she knows I decide not her. Been praying a lot to God. 

You’re so getting a vasectomy 😂😂😂😂 

Love you

My husband then responded: 

No way I’ll decide ua 

And then I throw Biggie in:

Biggie says he knows someone 🔎🔪🙊🙈🐶👀 

😂😂😂 u a 

Got to love being a parent. I’m praying nap time will mean a toddler in better spirits. 


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