Old MacDonald had a farm 

My husband had to work on Sunday so I thought it would be great to go with my parents and the girls to the Orange County Swap Meet. I love to go there and people watch as we walk along and also see all the different vendors. 

Since my dad has a bad knee we decided to drop him and Celeste off at the front entrance and then my mom and I went off to find parking with Elysse. 

When we finally made it to the entrance they were nowhere in site and as I called my dad he told me they were at the farm, which happened to be open. 

My dad said the moment Celeste had seen the huge farmhouse entrance to the Orange County Centennial Farm she excitedly told him she wanted to see the farm animals. 

She was SO happy and kept singing “old MacDonald had a farm e i e i o”. Her joy was infectious! My dad said when she saw the cow she said to it in the most grateful voice “thank you cow for my lechita (milk)!!”

Here she is with the huge Oxen



And then she grabbed my arm and led me to see the cute pigs 


And then we saw a Llama and she was truly in awe over this animal, which she kept trying to call over by making the tongue clicking noise we make when we call Biggie over. The Llama got hungry and finally came close enough for her to pet his ear. This was the best shot I could get given how quickly both her and the Llama kept changing angles. 


I loved having this experience with her because it reminded me of when we were kids and my parents would take us to Mexico to visit my paternal grandfather. He had a farm and a little convenience store and I had such fun seeing the pigs and chickens and then getting treats from him in the convenience store while pretending to help customers. 

We eventually made it into the swap meet where Celeste ended up choosing this fine hat herself:


My dad loves to wear hats and when he stopped to buy a new one it was real cool to see her pick one. Getting her to wear a hat outside when the sun is beating down is real hard so I’m hoping because she loved and picked this one herself, she’ll wear it without me having to coax her. 

We had such a great time and it just reminded me of how blessed I am to get to enjoy these moments.  I also try my best to share pictures with my husband of the things we do when he’s at work and he especially loved these and seeing what fun she was having. 


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